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From Mike Moore WA – 2nd April 2018.

“Charles, I can see why you have many, many friends and why you have this inner strength always ‘glowing white’ as you put it. When I first met you I mentioned your humour and your book did not let me down.
These two I will quote given the next opportunity ‘Same chicken, different feathers but increased in size’ and when drinking wine at your 50th party, ‘Brahms and Liszt’.
I am also rapt that you have maintained your friendship with the Mark family – they must have all been your closest confidantes as well as your Mum, I know my Mum was.
Having lived through the London Blitz, the coming of the computer age, your positions in Scouts, Masons and Rotary, you would have met many people and covered many areas of the globe – you even complemented them with witchcraft and became a priest – you wanted to live and breathe it all!

As an ex-teacher I felt your strong advice with: ‘Listen to your teacher from within and become the most brilliant student in your class.’ I tried to have all of my students give their best no matter what academic level they achieved – I can honestly say only a couple took the wrong path in life.
Your stints at private enterprise (motorcycle fairings with your upselling, the International Art gallery etc) reminded me of the number of times Linda and I ventured into another enterprise during and after teaching. It was hard work and we met many people across the state and now with Linda’s Books we have felt a sense of achievement and nice friendships from many whom we have met – lucky her books are goodies and that so many folk enjoy them.

Your dancing skills, bowls achievements, committee positions, stories of your hypnosis, hypnotherapy, sex therapy…. they cover lots also.
You were very clear on the section: ‘Reason, Season and Lifetime also with everyone playing a part for humanity and the planet –I thought about different people I had met along the way and who we still keep in contact with and why – why the relationships – thank you.

You are a very lucky person to have had such a life Charles, some pleasant, some not so but full indeed. Your lady acquaintances and loves would have also helped shape you as the man you are – those stories are rippers!

Thank you for writing your yarn and I can tell you that I could not put your book down. It was not the usual autobiography of …. he said, she said and then we did this and then did that,…. It flows nicely Charles and you should be very proud of your story and life.

I would like to leave you with two statements which I was quoted over my 64 years that I have consciously revisited on a number of occasions:

‘Your body is a good servant, don’t let it become your master’ (I was 18 then) and ‘If it is to be, then it is up to me’ (I was in my 30’s then).
After enjoying your book, I believe you have already heard these quotes before somewhere along the track.

All the best Charles –once again it was a pleasure to meet you and your lucky and lovely Rae.”
Mike Moore – Husband of Western Australian author Linda J. Bettenay.