As well as being a ‘wobbler’, I am also a ‘giggler’.

The Scout group that I was a member of, had an affiliation with Siam, now Thailand. Every year an arena display was held as a fund raiser. The opening event was all sections of the group being lined-up on parade for inspection by the guest of honour.

Every second or third year that would be one of the many Siamese Princes, who would attend the display in their Military Dress uniform – complete with sword and spurs. Being a ‘giggler’ I found this part of our fund raiser the hardest to get through.

It was most challenging when I was a Rover scout and was standing waiting for the inspecting dignitary, spurs jangling, to reach our section. Because my mate on one side would be humming ‘I got spurs that jingle, jangle jingle!’ Then the mate on my other whispers ‘when you laugh, does your belly wobble?’ There ought to be a Giggler’s Anonymous to deal with situations like this.

Happy wobbling and giggling.